Wild beer available at Worden’s Market and Caffe Dolce

June 25, 2010 | Tim Akimoff
Faro by Lindemans

Faro by Lindemans

One of summer’s most sincere pleasures is sitting outside under a yellow umbrella and sipping on something cool and refreshing. If it were me, that would be a tasty beer from some far off land or something fresh and brewed close by.

Luckily in Missoula we have several such places. Last night I decided to peruse the beer menu over at Caffe Dolce. While there are a lot of lighter, summer-style beers available in cans and bottle there, I decided to try a Faro from Lindemans in Belgium. I felt like something a bit wild, and this beer seemed like the perfect choice. And it was good, though a bit on the sweet side for my tastes.

I like my wild, sour beers to be a bit more bold on the wild and sour sides and not so much on the sweet sides. But, I will say that this beer, which has a good sour edge to it without being vinegar or too whiney, would be a great beer for those who aren’t quite up to the level of drinking the big Belgian sours.

The sweet quality of this beer tends to temper down the sour, rather than the other way around, and I find this a bit too cloying. However, I totally see the potential in this beer for  a dessert pairing. The sweet forward nature of the beer would pair well with desserts that are not too decadent or rich, but with desserts that have a bit of delicacy to them. Perhaps a fruit tart rather than a cheese cake.

Faro is a blended Lambic that has been chaptalized to increase the alcohol content. You’ll find this beer at Cafe Dolce, and I’m told it has been spotted at Worden’s Market.



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