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March 1, 2012 | Matt Pritchard

With so many breweries sprouting up all across America, it’d be nice to buy beer that you normally can’t find at your local market. That’s where a relatively new service hopes to fill a void. works with breweries and connects them with beer lovers. Users of the service can place orders from specific breweries over the site and then Beerjobber picks up the beer and ships it to your doorstep.

When I first saw this, I didn’t think it was legal. And in some states, like Montana, it isn’t. (When I asked them over Twitter they said, “Unfortunately no. MT has some of the strangest laws in the country!”)

Nonetheless, they do ship to some 38 states and they’re adding breweries all the time. So if you live outside the Big Sky, it’s worth a shot to see if they deliver to you. Prices are around $50 per case and shipping ranges from $6 to $20.

- Matt Pritchard

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  1. BillR says:

    Yes, the law is strange. We have something called a connoisseur license that does allow individuals to receive beer and wine from out of state. The kicker is part of getting the license is agreeing that you will report all products, along with sending a check for the taxes.

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