Kettlehouse Brewing Co. on the Great Growler Debate – Dark glass versus clear glass

February 5, 2010 | admin

I ran across this on the Kettlehouse Brewing Co. official Facebook page, and I gotta say, I like this line of reasoning. I prefer dark glass, but I think they’ve got something here.

The subject of using dark brown glass for growlers vs clear glass comes up frequently for us. Here’s our line of reasoning for why we use clear (we will fill all glass growlers though regardless of color race or sexual orientation):

Kettlehouse Brewing Company
I’ve always been lukewarm on Dark growlers. Yes it’ll help block the UV that skunkefies the beer. I actually had a pitcher of Montana Blonde on a deck at the Ironhorse years ago that skunked within minutes. After it skunked, I pretended that it was Heineken!

But growlers by nature are meant to be consumed like a pitcher: relatively quickly. As long as you keep your clear growlers out of direct sunlight they won’t skunk. There is an inherent problem with growlers that reduces their shelf life drastically. That is when we fill them, oxygen comes in contact with the beer which causes a cardboardy off flavor that is apparent within a day. So even if you have a dark growler you’re beer will be compromised within a day.

When you consider that growler manufacturers charge more for dark glass, they’re harder to see when filled so overfilling and waste become more of an issue, and we once had a bad shipment of dark growlers that were especially fragile, it doesn’t make much sense to use dark just to keep beer from going skunky. A growler tote will block the light AND keep the beer cold. And, oh by the way, we sell growler totes with our logo on them!! How’s that for a response?… See More

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