Snow Ghost Winter Lager at Great Northern Brewing Co.

December 8, 2009 | admin
Snow Ghost Winter Lager

Snow Ghost Winter Lager

On a brief business trip to Kalispell, I had a chance to shoot up the highway to Whitefish and pop into the Black Star Draught House, the bar that serves as a clearing house for the great ales from Great Northern Brewing Co. It was a quick trip, so I ordered a Snow Ghost Winter Lager and stared longingly at the slopes for an hour or so. So did the bar tender, who is really looking forward to ski season, if for nothing more than a little more business in the resort town.

Snow Ghost was a delightful, chewy lager a little heavier on the body than one might expect, but it offers some nice malts that make one think of skiing for some reason. I could totally see cruising down the runs one last time then heading off to the bar for a pint or two of this toasty malt bomb.

I thought the beer had exceptional presence, and though a bit heavy for a quick drive up from Kalispell, it was definitely worth the effort. Definitely an after-ski-trip tummy warmer.

The Black Star Draught House, upstairs at the brewery, is a really cool place to hang out and see how things happen in a brewery. You actually get to sit inside the middle of it all, which makes for a lot of fun. I talked to brewer Andy briefly, and he’s excited about a lot of the upcoming beer specials, as well as their current list of beers. A transplant from the now defunct Lang Creek Brewing Co., Andy seems to enjoy his new digs at Great Northern Brewing Co.


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  1. admin says:


    No worries, it was a last minute deal anyway. But I did grab a growler of the Snow Ghost and served it up to some Missoula friends last night. It got rave reviews. Winter lagers are well-liked apparently. Keep up the great work. It was nice to meet Andy, and I’ll try to give you guys a little more notice next time I’m in town. Would love to meet you all.



  2. Joe Barberis says:

    Sorry I didn’t get a chance to say hi while you were here yesterday. Snow Ghost has evolved over the last few years from a medium-bodied brown lager into a dark winter-warmer type beer. Next time we’ll set you up with a growler or some bottles to enjoy at home. Cheers – Joe

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